We Are An Australian Owned Mineral Makeup & Natural Skincare Company

Our products contain organic natural ingredients and we are proudly cruelty-free.

Mineral Makeup Blush

There’s a mineral makeup blush that is perfect for any type of skin. And it’s made by Alluring Minerals! Because our makeup is made from minerals and organic ingredients, anyone can use it—even those with sensitive skin. We’re proud to say that our high quality makeup is vegan and 100% cruelty-free. The ingredients we use in our blush makeup are sourced carefully, ethically, and responsibly and are certified organic where possible. This makes our makeup gentle on all types of skin while giving a flawless, longer lasting coverage.

Alluring Mineral’s cheek blush makeup are made from silky, sheer minerals. They lighten up your cheeks in a natural way and last longer than commercial blush. We’ve got a range of colours to suit your skin tone, in shimmer and matte varieties to give the desired effect. Our Mineral Blush Powders can also be used on your nails and lips, making it a very versatile product. That spells value for money!

We’ve got Apricot Swirl and Guava Swirl baked mineral makeup blush direct from the USA. Natural and vegan, they’re infused with natural botanicals like jojoba, green tea, lavender, and thyme plus organic colourants, you get to put passion in your cheeks or just a touch of a beautiful glow. Unlike other pressed products, baked makeup stay creamy and soft all day and last longer. Just like our Baked Mineral Highlighters. Accentuate the cheek bones, shoulders, and neck with products containing anti-oxidant botanicals, botanical extracts, and natural preservatives.

If you want to have natural-looking colour to your cheeks, let each Alluring Minerals’ mineral makeup blush work wonders to your look.