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Introducing Alluring Minerals

“Where science, beauty and nature work together in perfect harmony. Our products contain only the highest quality active ingredients, meaning you can look and feel your best from the outside in – always.”

Alluring Minerals was born because Founder, Cher Donaldson, was tired of seeing the cosmetics industry take advantage of women, charging them a premium for products full of cheap fillers and harmful chemicals. Like many girls, Cher started wearing makeup in her early teens to hide her problematic skin. But the foundation she was using to cover up was only making her skin troubles worse. Not seeing any other options, she kept wearing it. Sound familiar? Cher’s story is a common one because most cosmetics companies are more interested in making a profit than ensuring our skin is taken care of. Until now.

Mineral Makeup is a miracle alternative to traditional makeup as it’s designed not only to conceal and enhance but also to act as a healing product on the skin. The balancing clay and minerals mean sensitive skin won’t worsen or be aggravated and soothe and protect by keeping bacteria off the skin. Even better, mineral makeup is long lasting, high performance, and offers a real alternative to the makeup you’re already using. Pair it with an all natural skin care and you won’t just look better on the outside, but you’ll start healing your skin from the inside, too.

 Finally – and very importantly – Alluring Minerals is 100% cruelty-free. It breaks our hearts that cosmetic companies are still using this barbaric practice, and supposedly in the name of beauty. We’re very passionate about raising awareness around this and proving that animal testing is completely unnecessary, so we are extremely careful in sourcing products that never test on animals.

Please feel free to reach out via email: cher@alluringminerals.com.au

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