Organic Skincare

Achieve that naturally beautiful look with Alluring Minerals’ collection of organic skincare and makeup products. We’ve got the best organic makeup Australia has to get her hands on to keep each and every woman radiantly beautiful, naturally. With our collection of the best natural organic makeup, you get to glam up naturally, as our cosmetics are all free from harmful chemicals. Moreover, because our organic skincare and makeup is made from natural minerals, you can use them liberally without fear of having a skin breakout, as they are all hypoallergenic.

More than just the makeup of choice for those who have sensitive skin, organic makeup is non-comedogenic. Meaning, they do not clog your pores so acne and pimples are prevented. Our organic makeup does not use ingredients like parabens or talc that may cause allergies or clog the skin. You won’t find synthetic ingredients like mineral oil, petroleum, fillers, and artificial fragrances in our organic makeup making our cosmetic collection as organic as can be.


Organic Ingredients

Alluring Minerals’ cosmetics collection contains organic ingredients when and where needed. These ingredients may be extracts from fruits and plants like aloe, papaya, licorice, rosehip, chamomile, and others. These organic ingredients help revitalise and rejuvenate your skin, keeping it smooth and taut. All other ingredients are natural and, whenever possible, 100% vegan. What we can guarantee is that our makeup collection is definitely cruelty-free.

The mineral base of our makeup consists of zinc oxide, iron oxide, and mica. There may be other mineral ingredients like titanium dioxide and organic oils where needed. Zinc oxide serves as your skin’s protection against UV rays. Iron oxide provides moisture resistance so your makeup lasts longer. Mica provides that shining, shimmering splendour. Titanium dioxide makes our cosmetics denser, and the organic oils act as skin moisturisers.


Benefits of Mineral + Organic Skincare and Cosmetics

There are many benefits of using mineral and organic skincare and cosmetics. Here are some of them just so you know what you’re putting on your skin.

o No harsh ingredients/chemicals. All our ingredients are organically and ethically sourced. No chemicals like parabens and phthalates are present in our products. We don’t use chemicals in our products that may cause skin irritation or, believe it or not, impact your endocrine system (yes, there is makeup that is utterly poisonous to your body!)

o Natural fragrance. What you smell is what you get. We don’t use chemicals to make our cosmetics fragrant. Some man-made fragrances have toxic effects, so that’s a no-no for us.

o Rich in nutrients. Organic ingredients bring their own inherent nutrients to nourish and protect your skin. And with the accompanying mineral ingredients, they stay on your skin far longer than your commercial cosmetics.

o Slows down premature ageing. Both the mineral and organic ingredients of our makeup have natural protection against UV rays which cause premature ageing.

o Gentle on skin/non-comedogenic. And yes, our mineral and organic ingredients do not block your pores, letting them breathe, thereby preventing pimples or acne from breaking out.


Alluring Minerals believes going natural is the best way to be beautiful. That’s why all the ingredients that are in our organic skincare and makeup are all earth-friendly and, most of all, cruelty-free. We work hard to bring together science, beauty, and nature to work together to bring out your natural beauty and restore our nature’s beauty as well.