Mineral Cosmetics Australia

If you’re looking for mineral cosmetics in Australia, you don’t have to look further. Alluring Minerals has a wide and great collection of the best mineral cosmetics that will surely leave you amazingly beautiful, naturally! It’s the mineral cosmetics Australia ought to have, one that’s all-natural, chemical-free, and hypoallergenic. Better than traditional makeup and other cosmetics, mineral cosmetics have healing properties that protect the skin aside from enhancing your natural looks.

Actually, if your skin is prone to acne, or any allergy for that matter, it will do you good to use mineral cosmetics on your face. Mineral cosmetics won’t irritate your skin as they usually do not contain ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin like talc, synthetic ingredients like mineral oil or petroleum, filler, and artificial fragrances. Check out all the mineral cosmetics Alluring Minerals has on offer and you’ll discover how natural and organic our products are!


Mineral Ingredients

Mineral cosmetics have mineral ingredients like zinc oxide, iron oxide, and mica. Other mineral ingredients may be titanium dioxide and organic oils. Zinc oxide is used for bulking (or reduction of the evident density of the product), skin protection, and for UV protection as well. Iron oxide is for moisture resistance so it won’t easily smear and to make the cosmetic last longer. Mica is used as a colour additive, and its reflective properties allow for that shimmery effect in foundations.

Titanium dioxide is used as a brightener because of its ability to reflect light and as an opacifier as it makes the cosmetic’s formulation more opaque or solid. Organic oils in mineral cosmetics serve as emollients to help soothe, soften, and increase the skin’s moisture levels. Alluring Minerals never uses animal-derived emollients in our products. We are cruelty-free and we source our ingredients responsibly.


More Than Just Makeup

What gets it going for mineral cosmetics is their inherent properties of protecting the skin. You see, these cosmetics are made from natural minerals that not only highlight your natural looks but also give you the skincare you need, especially if you’re almost always out there at the mercy of the natural environment and its harmful effects, like the sun’s rays, pollution, and other elements that can have an impact on your skin. Good thing you have mineral cosmetics to help you face the day.

There are three basic ingredients that can be found in all mineral cosmetics. One of them is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide filters UV rays, soothes the skin, and eases irritation. Because of its white colour, it’s used as a pigment in other cosmetics as well. The second basic ingredient is titanium dioxide, which also filters UV rays; but most importantly, it lends that opaque and shiny appearance giving you that overall glow. The third basic ingredient is mica which gives the skin a smooth and flawless appearance aside from providing that shimmering effect (like from eyeshadows and lipsticks).


Beautifully Aware

Alluring Minerals believes that being beautiful doesn’t mean harming the environment, including its animals. That’s why all the ingredients that are in our mineral cosmetics are all earth-friendly and, most of all, cruelty-free. We strive to bring together science, beauty, and nature to work together in bringing out not only your natural beauty but restoring our nature’s beauty as well through the ethical sourcing of our ingredients. And with Alluring Minerals, you’ll be making a difference.