Best Natural Cosmetics Australia

Who knew that going back to basics with the best natural cosmetics Australia has to offer will bring out one’s natural looks beautifully? Apparently, Alluring Minerals knew! They’re one of the frontrunners in natural cosmetics in Australia with their skincare and makeup products that are all chemical-free and hypoallergenic. Check out our natural cosmetics store online and discover our delightful products that will help you bring out your natural beauty.

We at Alluring Minerals have always believed that being beautiful means being responsible too. That’s why we only use organic ingredients in our products. Absolutely no animals, making our products totally cruelty-free. We do our best to source all of our ingredients ethically and responsibly because we want to prove that being beautiful and responsible for our environment is indeed possible with Alluring Minerals. We’re the natural cosmetics Australia needs.


Natural Ingredients

You can’t get more natural with the ingredients that we use in our mineral cosmetics. We use natural minerals like zinc oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, mica powder, and the like. These minerals help our products’ consistency and composition, depending on whatever form our mineral cosmetics come in, whether they’re foundations, serums, cleansers, and the like. You may also find other additives that are quite organic such as oils and other plant-based substances.

Note that we do not use products like pearl powder, silk powder, and carmine as these are all animal by-products. You usually find these ingredients in commercial cosmetics. Alluring Minerals is cruelty-free. We responsibly and ethically source all the ingredients in our mineral cosmetic products. So we’re vegan-friendly too!


Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

Alluring Minerals believes that beauty goes hand in hand with responsibility. Without being responsible, beauty becomes vanity. And we do not want that. We want to do our share by having natural products that help your well-being and environment as well. That said, here are the benefits you (and the environment) get every time you use our products.

Skin-friendly. Cosmetics made from minerals can generally be used on all types of skin. It doesn’t also contain harsh chemicals that will cause skin irritations. The ingredients used in mineral cosmetics are non-comedogenic too so these won’t clog your pores and cause pimples.

Environment-friendly. As mentioned, we source the mineral ingredients ethically and responsibly. Ethically as we do not get them from animals. Responsibly as these ingredients are produced sustainably.

Efficacy. Not only are commercial cosmetics expensive but they harm the environment, unlike eco-friendly, mineral cosmetics. With the efficacy of mineral cosmetics comparable to commercial ones, you’ll be doing our planet a great deal of good, without costing you a fortune.


Going Natural

Alluring Minerals encourages you to go natural. Our natural cosmetics are made from minerals and other ingredients that are skin-friendly and at the same time, environment-friendly. It’s the best mineral cosmetics you can use where science, beauty, and nature work together to bring out the beauty in you, naturally. Go natural with Alluring Minerals.