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What's the Difference Between Regular and Organic Skincare?

No matter how luxurious your skincare products seem, ingredients speak louder than branding. In truth, organic skincare trumps the regular variety any day. Why? Because beneath all the glossy packaging, the regular products, which are mass-produced by big companies, are filled with harmful additives and other junk that only offer temporary results. So, even if the ads claim these products will rejuvenate your skin, it’s all bogus! The only remedies that truly work is organic skincare— pure and simple!



Team Organic vs. Team Regular- Who wins?




Organic skincare products are made from earth-derived ingredients that are safe and non-toxic. Free from common allergens such as gluten, parabens and perfumes, they are filled with nature’s goodness to give you results that last. Ultimately, the goal is to nourish, heal, and hydrate the skin, providing genuine improvements over time. With continued use, these products work in harmony with your body, creating an organic forcefield to fight off flaws like fine lines or dry skin.




Regular skincare, on the other hand, is not designed with nearly the same level of care and quality. From sulfates to alcohol, these products are filled with so many unnatural chemicals that do more harm than good. You see, regular products are all about the short-term payoff. They contain fillers or tightening agents – plus a whole slew of other garbage—to let you look great for an hour or two, but when it wears off, you’ll notice that your skin hasn’t improved. It’s all just a gimmick! 


So, in the competition of true beauty and health, it’s no surprise that organic skincare wins.

Trust Quality over Quantity 


Another reason why so many people are switching over to team organic is trust. These days, people tend to be more educated about health, making them warier about how they choose our life luxuries, whether it be a new sushi joint or the latest moisturizer. So, when it comes to skincare, are you more likely to trust junk being pumped out of congested factories from go-knows-where, or the family-owned business that personally manufactures each product with love? It’s no contest.


The truth is most of the larger cosmetic companies are entirely money-driven with little concern for people’s health or welfare. Their products are mass-produced by the millions, propelled by quantity over quality. It’s completely corrupt!


Yet, with organic skincare, there’s a genuine commitment to the quality of the products. For this reason, organic skincare companies tend to be smaller because there’s a lot more time and effort invested into each product. It’s like Picasso loving his art— in a similar sense, organics is an honest commitment to health. So, it’s no mystery that organic skincare is more trustworthy. 


How to Go Organic


Organic cosmetic and skincare companies stand by premium grade ingredients which are locally sourced. Alluring Minerals is a leader among such companies. Their extraction process does not compromise the integrity of the fruit or plant. In the end, you’re left with extracts that are pure, untampered, highly “active” and ethical. Yes, please!


Alluring Minerals uses natural ingredients such as papaya, pineapple and desert lime, which contain active agents to help promote the growth of collagen, the protein essential to skin firmness, brightness and anti aging. Plus, their organic skincare products work to strengthen the skin's barrier response. The effect? A reduction in inflammation and UV-related skin damage. Sound good enough for you? Perhaps it’s time to trade up!


If you love your skin as much as your makeup, you’ll pledge your loyalty to organics and never look back. Choose something your skin will thank you for. Treat it to nature!

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