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Benefits of Natural Mineral Foundation

The beauty world is one of the most versatile and diverse industries of the 21st century. From stunningly beautiful and colourful eyeshadow palettes to endless choices of lipsticks and blushes, we sometimes can’t help but get lost in the options. Especially when it comes to our Foundation. But thanks to the introduction of all-natural mineral foundations, many of us have said goodbye to our old chemically-heavy foundations. In today’s article, let's discuss the benefits of mineral foundation, the science behind it and why you should start incorporating all-natural foundations into your everyday makeup routine. 

What is Natural Mineral Foundation?

Let’s begin by defining a natural mineral foundation. It’s no secret that the makeup industry has to rely on chemicals and specific compounds and compositions to create products. But did you know your favourite makeup products can be created with non-toxic formulas and toxin-free chemicals? That is what’s known as ‘natural makeup’ in the beauty industry. 

Non-toxic and natural makeup are those products that don’t incorporate specific chemicals into their composition and overall formula. The list mainly includes - Lead, Mercury, Triclosan, Parabens, Diethanolamine and many more. Natural mineral makeup has decided to ditch all those toxic chemicals that may be considered unsafe or dangerous. After all, who wants to be all glammed up with unnecessary and harmful toxins?

Benefits of Natural Mineral Foundation

As most of our beauty regiments start with setting down the Foundation, we can all agree that this step is important in our overall routine. From running errands around town to catching up with friends over lunch, we rely on our Foundation to keep up with our everyday lifestyle. This means having products on our faces throughout the day. Which is why Natural Mineral Foundations have become so popular in recent years.

As shared by Chicago-based Dermatologist, Dr. Brooke Jackson, MD, here is why mineral makeup can do wonders for those beautify aficionados who might be struggling with skin concerns - such as Rosacea and Eczema. Dr. Jackson shared:

“Women in their 30s and 40s will come in and say they have bathroom counters filled with products that have caused reactions because of one ingredient or another. When they try mineral products, many are finally able to wear makeup for the first time in their lives.”

Dr. Neal Schultz, who is a board-certified New York Dermatologist, also expressed his insight and the benefits of all natural mineral foundation. Dr. Schultz stated:

“I’m very bullish on mineral makeup. It’s much less likely to cause a reaction in women with sensitive skin. And because it doesn’t contain oil, it won’t aggravate acne-prone skin”

Thanks to modern advances in the beauty industry, we have access to a wide array of products that suit our preferences. Whether it’s skin care, eyeshadows, contour or even eyelash extensions, there is a perfect makeup product for everyone. And that can be said for natural cosmetics and mineral foundations. Covering major skin concerns - such as oiliness, dryness, hyperpigmentation or acne, Natural Mineral Foundations have proved to be just as versatile as traditional chemical-based foundations. That is why so many have already made that beneficial transition!

Why You Should Choose Natural Mineral Foundation

Along with an array of skin tones, shades, finishes, and texture-based coverage, all Natural Mineral Foundations minimise your exposure to unwanted and unhealthy toxins throughout the day. 

As these innovative products contain less chemicals and irritants, many have benefited from the lightness of Natural Mineral Foundations. Not to mention how the paraben-free products prevent clogging of the pores thanks to their breathable formulas. Even Hollywood makeup artists can’t help but gush over the lightness and the airiness of Natural Mineral Foundations. Kerry Herta, an Emmy-nominated makeup artist had this to say about her go-to foundation:

“I love it. I use a mineral foundation myself. It’s so natural looking it’s like a second skin. And on hot humid summer days it wears better than traditional liquid makeup.”

And so, if these natural and toxin-free makeup products perform just as well as most foundations on the market, why not make the switch and see the incredible results? From minimizing toxin exposure, to creating flawless and lightweight finishes, Natural Mineral Foundations may be the perfect choice for you! 

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