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5 Reasons Why Mineral Makeup is Better for your Skin

These days, mineral makeup is all the rage—and with good reason! It basically eliminates all those pesky skin concerns from your list of beauty blunders. Whether it’s dry, blotchy skin or your acne-prone time of the month (ick), mineral makeup is a skin savior. Containing basic minerals such as iron and zinc oxide, you’re getting earth-based ingredients that are much better to put on your face. Besides, what better makeup can we ask for than mother nature’s own recipe? Let’s take a look at why mineral makeup is better for your skin.


1. A Higher Quality Formula


The major component of mineral makeup is, of course, minerals. They are ground up and finely milled into tiny particles to create makeup. Yet, not only are you getting the natural benefits of minerals, but it also doesn’t contain all those junky ingredients like most generic brands. This means it’s free from cheap oils, waxes, fragrances, and preservatives. So, instead of weighting your face down with rubbish, you’re just left with pure beautifying makeup. How divine! 


2. Environmentally Friendly


Going green seems to be the fashionable bandwagon for many high-end cosmetics brands. Unlike regular makeup, mineral makeup does not pollute the environment, making it a safer option for both makeup-wearers and the planet. In turn, it seems as more people are becoming interested in natural and organic products, mineral makeup is growing increasingly popular (as it should). Are you ready to get on board?

3. A More Natural Look


For ladies who love going au-naturale, mineral makeup is the way to go. Ideal for getting that bare-faced look, it’s lightweight and super soft, allowing your skin to breathe. The colours also tend to appear more natural over your complexion because the formula is made from earth-derived ingredients. For this reason, you won’t end up with those awkward-looking orangey or pinkish hues—thank goodness. You’ll just have a natural and classy result without feeling like you’re wearing a mask. 


4. Non-Allergenic 


Ever experience a horrible reaction from makeup? We wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Regular makeup is packed with sketchy lab-invented chemicals, so it’s no surprise that people with sensitive skin are allergic to it. Common allergy symptoms include itching, burning and even rashes. With mineral makeup, on the other hand, the chances of getting a reaction are very low because the ingredients are natural. It’s essentially a formula you can trust will be kind to your skin.


5. Natural SPF Protection 


Mineral makeup doubles as a sun screen to help protect your skin from sun damage. Wondering how? Well, the zinc oxide it contains is FDA-approved as a skin protectant. How many other makeup products do you know that can do that? Probably not many!


However, even though mineral makeup contains SPF, it’s recommended to still wear sunscreen under your mineral makeup for extra assurance. In any case, you can never be too careful when we’re warding off wrinkles, right?


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